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Saddle Sizing Calculations

Truck Measurements Diagram

Pulling Truck Measurements Diagram

There are several factors to take into consideration when determining which frame, fifth wheel or combination saddle is required to meet your truck decking needs. State DOT maximum height regulations govern this decision.  The saddle mounting height (B) can be determined using the "Decked Truck Height Calculator" below.

Saddle Mounting Height, (B) Calculation:

    1. Select a saddle and input the saddles mounting height into the corresponding cell (B). The "Saddle Mounting Height" (B) for
        each saddle can be found within each saddles detail page.

    2. Determine the measurements detailed in the above figures.
    3. Input the measurements in inches into the coresponding cells in the "Decked Truck Height Calculator".
    4. After you have input all of the required measurements and the "Saddle Mounting Height" (B) click the "Calculate" button.
    5. The Decked Truck Height Calculator" will output a "Decked Truck Height Estimate".
    6. If the "Decked Truck Height Estimate" is > State DOT maximum height regulations select another saddle with a lower mounting height        and recalculate.

You can change the Saddle Mounting Height (B) in the "Decked Truck Height Calculator" for each corresponding saddle to determine which saddle will work for your hauling needs.  The fifth wheel height / wood blocking height (C) measurement is used in one of two different ways. If you are calculating the "Decked Truck Height Estimate" for a Fifth Wheel Saddle the (C) measurement is the height of the fifth wheel above the frame of the pulling truck.  On the other hand if you are calculating the "Decked Truck Height Estimate" for a Frame Saddle the (C) measurement is the height of wood blocking used to raise the saddle. It is advised that you calculate the "Decked Truck Height Estimate" using multiple Highest Point (HP) locations due to the fact that the location of the Highest Point (HP) may change with the front axle raised.  Generally speaking the leading top edge of the cab is the critical high point of the truck when it is decked although this may vary with different styles of trucks.  

Please Note: This is only an ESTIMATE to help determine which saddle size is appropriate for your hauling needs.

Decked Truck Height Calculator

Insert Saddle Mounting Height Below: (INCHES)

B, Saddle Mounting Height

Insert Measurements Below: (INCHES)

C, Fifth wheel height / Height of wood blocking (Pulling Truck)
D, Distance from the ground to the top of the pulling truck frame (Pulling Truck)
HP, Distance from ground to highest point of truck (Decked Truck)
I, Distance from ground to bottom of front axle (Decked Truck)
AA, Distance from the CL of the front axle to th CL rear most wheel (Decked Truck)
F, Horizontal distance from front axle to highest point of truck (Decked Truck)

Decked Truck Height Estimate:


State Legal Height Map
Please Note: The "State Map of Legal Height Limits" provided above is for information purposes only.
State laws must be referenced and complied to. http://www.heavyhaul.net/trucking-legal-height-limits-map/

Please refer to the link below for U.S. Department Of Transportation Regulations
FMCSA link


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