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Custom Fabrication
White Mule Custom Fabrication:

White Mule Company also offers custom fabrication to meet our clients needs. With our large inventory of steel we can offer competitve prices and fast turn around on all of our products. White Mule Company uses Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software for all of our custom designs.  The CAD software allows White Mule Company to develope 3D computer model prototypes of custom designs for our clients review.  The CAD software increases design efficiency by streamlining the design, review, and redesign process.  This increased design efficiency will minimize or in some cases eliminate the costly and time consuming step of producing physical prototypes.  White Mule Company's CAD capabilites increase turn around times and overall customer satisfaction.  Contact White Mule Company today for a custom design quote! 

CAD Software View

3D CAD Prototype - White Mule Custom Truck Rack

White Mule Custom Hitch Rack

3D CAD Prototype - White Mule Custom Hitch Rack

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